Williston Fire Department donates gear to Glenburn Volunteer Department

WILLISTON, N.D. – The Glenburn Rural Fire Department burned to the ground earlier this month, the building and equipment was a total loss. Now, the Williston Fire Department is sending over some gear to replace what was lost.

Williston is donating four of their self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) to the volunteer department, which Glenburn still needs to continue operating for indoor fires.

Williston is in the process of phasing out their current models, trading them in for newer versions. The City Commission voted to purchase additional SCBA’s Tuesday to cover the donation.

“I know Glenburn, even though they lost everything, still wants to provide that service, and this is a way we can help them the best we can so that way they can still provide those services and meet the needs of their community,” said Matthew Clark, the division chief of operations.

Fire departments across the state have been donating items after the Department went up in flames on March 6. The Williston Rural Fire Department donated an entire engine to Glenburn earlier this month.

Individuals interested in supporting GFD can donate to the Glenburn Rural Fire Protection District Glenburn, N.D., via GoFundMe at http://bit.ly/GlenburnFire.

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