Lynching memorial, threat of vaccine hesitancy, justice at last

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, in Montgomery, Alabama, honors thousands of people killed in lynchings.

Recognize forgotten icons of Black history

After reading “Let Us Heal, Let Us Forget and Forgive,” April 21, I find myself mostly in agreement with Vickie Oldham and Walter Gilbert, who favor a lynching memorial proposed in Sarasota.

But I was also reminded of how I came to learn of Sarasota’s history when first moving here. 

After purchasing my home in 2009, I quickly learned how important John Ringling, Bertha Palmer and Owen Burns were to our community’s history. 

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But only after working on my master’s degree in the Florida Studies Program at University of South Florida, and digging deep into Sarasota’s civil rights history, did I learn of historical icons who should never be forgotten: Mary Emma Jones, Neil Humphrey and Jerome O. Stevens.

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