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 Fenton Home Furnishings continued its history of local philanthropy with recent gifts to the Fenton and Linden police and fire departments.

 The company gave the Fenton Police Department $2,000. Police Chief Jason Slater said the money is going toward an upgrade to the software on the department’s LiveScan fingerprint device. LiveScan allows fingerprints for background checks and other uses to be taken electronically without the need for ink and paper.

 Fenton Home Furnishings also donated 10 Amish chairs to the Fenton Fire Department, a gift that complements a new conference room table that the firefighters built themselves, said Fire Chief Bob Cairnduff.

 “We were going to have to purchase chairs (for the table) when we received a call from Fenton Home Furnishings that they were looking to donate,” Cairnduff said. “This donation was extremely generous and is a great example of the support we receive from our businesses here in town.”

 Rodney Willey, who manages the business with his brother, Nick, said he was happy to continue his family’s history of local philanthropy.

 “I just wanted to continue our support for the local police and fire departments,” he said. Rodney and Nick’s father, Gerry, founded the company in 1979.

 At the same time as the above gifts, the company gave to Linden departments a gift of lifesaving equipment, including an automatic external defibrillator and a LUCAS device, which automates the chest compressions for CPR.

 Fenton Home Furnishing donated $2,000 to the Linden Police Department. “With this generous donation, we purchased an additional automated external defibrillator (AED) and other safety equipment for the Linden Police Department,” Police Chief Scott Sutter said. “This type of donation shows how much our businesses and citizens in this area care about our first responders.  It is truly humbling to see this type of backing for first responders.”

 Linden Fire Chief Brian Will said his department received a “very nice” donation to start their fundraising efforts to purchase a LUCAS device.

 “This devise is a machine that automatically does CPR on patients who fall into a full arrest heart condition,” Will said. “The cost of this devise is $16,000, so the generous donation by Fenton Home Furnishings will begin our efforts to raise the amount needed to better serve our residents in their time of need. Without area businesses helping us with this large purchase, our budget alone would never be able to afford this valuable piece of equipment.”

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