Lawsuit v. Albemarle schools Superintendent Haas set for hearing | Education

“And while doing so, ignore their job responsibilities to provide an education to over 14,000 students during this especially fraught and difficult time,” Holden wrote. “Preparing witnesses to testify regarding the information that plaintiff seeks will inflict an enormous burden and disruption to the [School Board’s] educational operations.”

The depositions initially were scheduled for April 29 but Socol’s attorney agreed to delay those. Adams has notified the School Board that he wants to depose Lindsay Snoddy, deputy director of building services, and Deputy Superintendent Debbie Collins, according to court filings.

In a memorandum opposing the motion, Adams said the information sought is relevant to the case n order to help determine whether what Haas allegedly said is true.

Haas allegedly told former Superintendent Pam Moran that Socol “misused [purchasing cards] deliberately and egregiously,” according to the plaintiff’s amended complaint. Moran and Socol co-authored a book, “Timeless Learning,” in 2018 about innovative practices in public schools.

If the statements are true, that’s not defamation, according to state law. Thus, his attorney said the facts sought in the deposition notice would help the parties determine if Haas was correct in the alleged statements.

“Turning to each claim in turn, it is clear how the designation in the Notice is tailored to elicit relevant testimony,” the attorney wrote.

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