Fiverr Review: Still The Best Freelance Website?

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Fiverr is an online service that allows freelancers to share their talents with Fiverr customers for an affordable price. These services can range from copywriting to graphic design, and the cost of these services generally reflects the amount of positive reviews each freelancer has.

However, with so many freelancers on the Fiverr platform, are they all trustworthy or skilled enough to successfully complete projects?

This Fiverr review covers exactly what the online platform is, how freelancers make money from these services, and tips for finding reliable sellers.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a popular online platform where sellers can sign up to offer goods and services to visitors. The relationship between the buyer and seller is very similar to that of employing a freelancer to do a certain job for you.

Fiverr earns its name from being a relatively cheaper alternative to employing freelancers for those purchasing services. For those selling content or services on Fiverr, it is a convenient way of making quick money on a side or part time basis. Access to all of these services are via the website and the Fiverr app!

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What Can You Buy At Fiverr?


What you can buy on Fiverr depends on what the sellers are offering. Due to the recent upsurge in sellers at Fiverr, there are a range of useful services offered. In fact, on its homepage, Fiverr boasts that buyers have a choice of 300+ different categories of services.

The most purchased services on Fiverr include graphic design, CV editing, Fiverr website design, copywriting, language translation, online marketing, and animation, as well as video and audio editing.

How Does Fiverr Work?

Fiverr works by connecting customers with talented freelancers who specialize in the services that they are offering. Buyers can search for a specific service that they require and will consequently be presented with a range of sellers who offer that said service. These services are often referred to as “gigs” on the Fiverr website.

The buyer can either read through each seller’s testimonials and reviews, or they can filter their results based on price, turn-around time, or review feedback. Once the buyer has chosen their selected freelancer, they can contact them directly for further queries.

After paying an agreed fee, the seller will start working on the assigned project and will seek to complete it within a previously agreed timeframe.

Who Is Fiverr For?

Fiverr is a unique platform as it provides extra work for freelancers, as well as supplying customers with access to freelancers at extremely competitive rates. Overall, Fiverr mainly caters to businesses or clients that require extra help on services outside of their skill range.

The ecommerce platform helps to connect freelancers and professional clients from all over the world, to help benefit them both financially and in terms of the services provided.

How Much Does Fiverr Cost?


For buyers, the cost of Fiverr mostly depends on the fee that the seller is requesting. The starting price for services usually starts at $5. Any Fiverr fees above this may either be personalised to specific tasks after calculating the time and effort of the job, or they may be flat rates that cover different service options.

On top of this, Fiverr will separately charge a processing fee of $1 for purchases up to $20, and 5% of the price total for orders above $20.

For sellers, providing services on Fiverr is free, though Fiverr does take a percentage of each transaction sale that is made. As of 2021, Fiverr takes 20% of the earnings of each order, and another 20% from any tips provided.

Though this may seem like a lot, this charge covers the online promotion of the freelancers as well as their ability to use the online platform.

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Does Fiverr Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

According to Fiverr’s website, you can get your full total cost refunded as Fiverr credit for you to choose a different freelancer. Alternatively, you can request the money to be refunded into your Credit card or Paypal account during the ‘request a refund’ process.

What Is Fiverr’s Brand Reputation?

Fiverr is reputable in terms of offering its buyers transparency, as buyers can look at the reviews of sellers before making any purchases. Furthermore, Fiverr offers a dispute resolution service if buyers are not satisfied with the communication or services provided by their seller.

If this escalates, Fiverr can offer a full money back refund, giving buyers peace of mind when making a purchase.

Fiverr also has an SSL certificate which ensures a good level of online security is being used throughout the platform. This helps to protect your personal and billing information from being easily accessible by anyone other than your seller.

Beware of Fake Fiverr Reviews

Unfortunately, there are several other online platforms that sellers can pay to produce positive reviews for their Fiverr page. These can compromise the validity of the ratings that each seller has, so it’s important that buyers are aware of fake Fiverr reviews.

Tips for spotting fake reviews on Fiverr include looking for reviews that are left by other sellers. Many sellers will also exchange positive reviews with each other in order to increase the chances of their services being purchased.

Tips For Finding The Best Legitimate Sellers On Fiverr


To find the best legitimate sellers on Fiverr, it is recommended to look for at least a couple of ratings by genuine customers at 4 stars or more. It is also best to carefully read the seller’s bio in order to see their professional qualifications and education background.

This will be the best way of knowing whether the seller is able to perform the task to the professional level that you require.

Furthermore, look for any spelling or grammar mistakes that they may have made, especially if you are looking for a copywriter. Make sure any of your chosen sellers have been on Fiverr for at least a few months, as this will give them time to get used to the proceedings and build up some Fiverr authority.

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Tips for Avoiding Scams On Fiverr

To avoid Fiverr scams, only use sellers that have at least 5 reviews at 4 stars or more. The more gigs that the seller has completed, the less likely they are to be a scammer.

The number of gigs that the seller has completed will also influence their number of reviews, showing how well they have completed each gig. If you are looking for a gig to be completed in a set amount of time, be wary of any reviews that suggest the seller does not adhere to timing requirements.

It is likely that if you have not received your service by the intended deadline, the seller will still attempt to charge you for the service even when you no longer require it.

Another great way to avoid scams is to not agree to meet up with anyone through the platform, as Fiverr is an ecommerce platform that does not require face to face interaction. Not only is this important for preventing scams, this can also prevent any safety incidents from occurring.

Also, it is important to never send money to the seller outside of the Fiverr payment options or via any means other than the Fiverr website.

This will help to prevent any fraudulent activity taking place and will protect your money should you wish to receive a refund. If you send the seller money outside of Fiverr’s payment options, you will not be eligible to receive a refund.

What Fiverr Services Should You Avoid?

You should aim to avoid purchasing any Fiverr services where the seller does not present any obvious skills or qualifications. This will be apparent in their user bios and service descriptions as most professional sellers will display their achievements or knowledge of that field.

Professional and trustworthy sellers may also reference past work that is available for you to view either in the form of a portfolio or a Google doc.

It is also recommended that you avoid looking for services that you do not know much about. Doing a little bit of research of the service category beforehand will help you to make a more informed decision on which seller to hire.

Is Fiverr Legit?

Yes. Fiverr is a legitimate ecommerce platform that has been connecting customers with freelancers since 2010. With that in mind, due to the free to sign up nature of the platform, there may always be the risk of encountering scam or fraudulent sellers.

With the information provided above, you should find it easier to identify and, subsequently, avoid these scams.

The best tactic is to read the reviews and understand the Fiverr levels scheme to ensure that you select a candidate that can be trusted to complete your project.

There is also the security of getting a Fiverr refund if the freelancer does not possess the right skills or produce the deliverables expected.

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Fiverr vs UpWork


Though Fiverr and UpWork are both ecommerce platforms that seek to partner freelancers to businesses in need, there are some key differences. The main difference is how these freelancers are chosen.

On Fiverr, buyers have the option to scroll through various sellers and see their reviews. Alternatively, on UpWork buyers present their available job to which the freelancers will put forward an application and cover letter attempting to show how they are the most suitable candidate for the job.

Fiverr is more suited to quick freelance jobs, whereas UpWork is best for more complex services that perhaps require more time. As a result of this, freelancers on UpWork tend to charge more than Fiverr.

How To Make Money On Fiverr (h2)

The following tips will help you to make money quickly on Fiverr with the…

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