17 best sites to buy Instagram likes (real & instant)

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Instagram is one of the biggest and most powerful and most dominant popular social media platforms available in today’s time. After being around for over a decade it has one of the highest user statistics. Over a billion active users open Instagram on a daily basis. Thus, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms because of almost everyone being there and the application. It is one of the most used platforms for people who want to see their role models and celebrities. thus, it is important for people to have a big follower’s number and amount of views. If you also want to increase your followers count then check this list of best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Images have a power of differentiation in them which somehow text can never get. In today’s time, there is nothing like texts and movies that get as much attraction as posts on social media like videos, pictures, reels, etc. images and videos that speak a million words get forwarded or posted a lot of times. People can mint money from a scenic picture of a wild animal or simply a stupid fight on the road or something else. Thus, Instagram is one of the highest known.

Images and videos of all kinds are posted on Instagram such as videos from childhood, some tournaments, friends meeting up, Instagram is the perfect place to put all this up. From making funny videos or even the stupidest things, people’s lives change as they randomly become viral on the app and gain a lot of Instagram likes and views. Social media promotions are a crucial support for the social media industry.

List of Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes


Although GetViral is not one of the cheapest options out there in the open, It is surely the premium likes and followers wanted. Its database has good viewers available for customers who want a boost in likes. Customers mainly want views and likes on videos and reels which GetViral easily provides.

GetViral is a well do use website as it has been around for a while advertising on the 3 biggest social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. It also proves the view for YouTube. They have been pretty successful over the years and there is no wonder behind it. Aspiring users on Instagram can now get millions of likes to boost their self-confidence and get the motivation they require.


There are nine plans available starting from a package of 100 likes priced at simply 2.89 dollars. The range goes higher and higher at a maximum of 40 grand likes priced at 240 dollars. The process is very simple starting by choosing a plan then you just enter your page URL after making sure that your account is public, sit back and then relax while the website does its magic.


  • You can expect to see movement in as little as 10 to 30 mins and orders typically complete within an hour or less!
  • Increased profile visits for free.
  • 24/7 customer support assistance.
  • Free impressions


If you have got Social Packages to get you covered, you don’t have to worry ever again about your Instagram account or any other of your social media platform accounts. They provide you with an absolute and perfect package for a huge social media spike in views which can boost turn your online world upside down forever and make your life go around. SocialPackages is a professional team of enthusiasts and you can see it on their website for yourself.

However, you will receive more than just aesthetic points upon using their actual services. You can purchase Instagram likes for your videos and posts from this website at amazingly good prices.


Social packages fill a different form of prices than the other websites. The starting range of 100 likes on Instagram starts at 2.5 dollars and the highest of 40000 likes is priced at a higher 267 dollars. There are 9 different packages available.


  • Delivery within 1 to 2 days.
  • Worldwide likes
  • Refill guaranteed
  • Risk free assured
  • 24/ assistance from customer service.


ViewsExpert is one of my favorite websites and its got its reasons. it is bound to be your favorite as well as it is very user-friendly. As a company, viewsexpert does not only focus on the visual presentation so it is pretty evident that somebody should not be disappointed with their simple interface. They have derived that importance should be on their actual services rather than of flashy colors which will make the user think they do too little work.

Viewsexpert can help users with a whole lot of social media gain across several different platforms from around the world. For Instagram, they have put likes, followers, and views in the store as items that can be purchased. The likes that you can buy from here are views and likes for Instagram Reels section. Their prices are some of the cheapest and best options that are available in the industry.

Sometimes people work and work but they can never reach their full true potential on social media. Because of the increasing competition and the increase in the number of videos and images that are posted, it is extremely hard for the users. It is nearly impossible to stand out from the few who are the best in the crowd and get ahead. Getting an extra push from a qualified marketing firm to help you get the exposure you deserve without any hard work.  It is at times better to let someone assist you in order to reach your goals


The pricing of viewsexpert is lower than the other competing sites and is starting at 2 dollars for 100 likes. There are similarly 9 different options available in the form of packages the last package available is a package for forty thousand views priced at 266 dollars.


  • Fast delivery
  • Likes from active users
  • No password submission required
  • 24/7 customer service available


It is one of the most professional websites available out there in the open market and thousands of people have set to buy Instagram services to make their outreach wider. The website’s presentation is simple to use and very user-friendly. The review section is proof of the number of satisfied customers. I personally advise using viralyft as it is considerably cheap compared to the value of what the likes worth in real life. It is known for its consistent and fast comeback of its promise as the likes arrive very fast as soon as the transaction is complete. their customer service is very fast and responsive and immediately provides help if there is any confusion or problem. it is a perfect place to buy premium Instagram views and likes at a cheap rate.

The more likes and views posts like photos and videos get, the higher they will rank and thus appear on related results and the explore page, this giving your posts more exposure and visibility and makes them more credible and interesting in the eyes of fans. Thus, fans put the post on their story and more views and likes are received.


There are 9 plans available starting from 100 likes at 2.89 dollars. There is no password required time it takes 24 to 70 hrs to receive the likes. The pricing increases as the number of likes wanted is greater ending at a whooping 40 thousand likes priced ate 270 dollars.


  • Prompt delivery of likes within 24 to 70 hours of payment.
  • Top-quality likes from international users.
  • Split likes on many posts
  • 24/7 customer support assistance


FastLikes has been around since the start of Instagram. Many companies offer similar, homogeneous or repetitive products. However, FastLikes is not one of those companies. Their company works with other websites to provide its customers with the best possible offers. FastLikes is for everyone. Anyone can avail of their services, you could be an artist, a businessman or an entrepreneur. They have services which will be suitable for everyone’s needs. The company is confident in its approach to help

Others. They are extremely motivated to work with anyone who requires boosts in an increase in the number of followers, views or likes on their account.  Fastlikes do not take any personal information. They only require your email address and username to start helping you and working their magic.


With prices starting at 1.47 dollars for 50 likes, prices go up to 88.99 dollars for 10000 likes bundle. There are many options and packages o choose from which will interest many users. Having a huge number of likes is important on Instagram if you want to become successful. Likes show your popularity and once people think you are popular its easy to make them like you automatically


  • Instant Delivery
  • High-quality Likes
  • Top Customer Support


Famups is one of the most ideal websites if you have just begun your venture into this social media promotion world. The site supports a huge majority of the most used popular social media platforms and has a trustworthy name as well. You can buy their packages without having second thoughts on security.

There is no tension about your information or your money on this site. The payment is in the form of SSL thus it is secured and encrypted for your security. You can buy likes for your Instagram videos from here along with likes and followers. This is the perfect website to use as it has it all.


Famups is a smaller start-up company thus its likes only extend to ten thousand views. It has 8 different packages depending on the number of likes required.200 likes start at 4 dollars and its last package of 10000 likes is costed at 65 dollars.


  • Real views
  • Fast delivery of services
  • 24/7 customer assistance available
  • Premium users from worldwide


Famoid Is one of the biggest companies out there in the business. Many big companies use it, so why shouldn’t you? Investing a small share of your hard-earned money will help you in the long run and social media has become a big industry that is one of the easiest forms of earning quick money.

Since Instagram has recently changed its algorithm, the posts which get the highest likes and views get shown on the explore page and suggested…

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